Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Credit card merchant services—making financial institutions better

We work with financial institutions, designing merchant services programs to help each client grow. Our expertise in credit card merchant processing can help you add new revenue from existing accounts, while also adding new merchant customers. Merchant services are often a gateway service, allowing you new opportunities to cross sell other services to both new and existing customers.

We’ve structured our company to align with financial culture – we work with the industry to deliver category-leading products, customized programs and service that redefines the industry.

What makes us different?

  • The Service Corps: a collection of professional teams redefining service
  • Organic Account Growth: adding revenue and strengthening customer relationships
  • New Business: how merchant services can help your bank grow
  • Customer Retention: the Conversion Team is your onsite advantage
  • Customized Programs: tailored to your specific needs
  • SourcePoint: your portal to managing your merchant services business

We’ll work with your institution in the way that suits your business:

Flexible. Custom. Call it what you will. You’re not likely to find a more flexible partner in merchant services — but that just proves the point we’re trying to make. This business, when managed properly, is more about people than technology. We believe that the only way we succeed is by helping you be successful first.

So what makes us different? A few of the reasons:

A proven system for conversions. In fact, we have a team of experts, on the ground in your market, calling on and visiting your existing merchant services customers, making it smoother and less time consuming for you and your merchants. As far as we know, no other provider takes this approach. And the conversion is 100% funded by Bridgeway Payment Systems.

We give you a stronger voice. Things happen. Machines break. People make mistakes. We process roughly $4.5 billion worth of credit card transactions every year for our clients and that volume gives us a greater voice with Bridgeway Payment Systems. Should you need resolution of a problem, the significance of our business with Bridgeway Payments means we can help you get to a quicker and more accurate resolution. Ultimately, we take the servicing burden off of you giving you time to focus on your many other responsibilities within your office.

Service is our product. Cliché alert, we’re going to talk about service now. But it’s important to understand that in our business model, service does not exist separately from our products — it is our product. That’s why we created the Service Corps, to ensure that the service we provide is unlike anything you’ll find in our industry. But it’s simple things, too, like we have companywide goals in place to answer the phone in 2-3 rings every time, answer emails within one hour, have monthly/quarterly conference calls with all clients, etc. And you will always get a person, not a machine when you call.

SourcePoint. Two things we promise every partner are better data and transparency. SourcePoint is our online portal that gives you access to customized information on your business at any time. We organize data into meaningful information to help your growth efforts, and for reporting to your bank’s upper management as well as merchant customers.