Non-Profit/Go Fund It

GoFundIt Solutions

Go Fund It Solutions is a full service payment solutions company which offers a proprietary, custom-designed turnkey solution.

This solution delivers, manages and reconciles online contributions and donations, through a fully secure, automated, user-friendly and scalable database system. Our product allows a variety of organizations (both profit and non-profit) to increase cash flow and control costs by electronically processing payments efficiently and securely. Go Fund It's proprietary process enhances your fund raising data with demographic, geographic, psychographic, and economic attributes used to better understand your donors. Our easy-to-use tools and turnkey marketing solutions enable you to easily and efficiently attract more donors, get more from your best donors and track the success of your efforts.

  • Political: Allow us to maximize your campaign donations with online forms.
  • Charitable: Empowering nonprofits with the most powerful payment acceptance solutions available.
  • Religious: We can help you build and maintaining a loyal, engaged supporter community.
  • Corporate Giving: Establish a corporate foundation and further your philanthropic goals.
  • School / Clubs / Sports: We provide everything you need to reach your goals including recurring donations, social sharing.
  • Non-Profit: We can empower you with the most powerful payment solutions available

Customized Payment Solutions

Enabling your website, tablets, smart phones and social media outlets with customized online payment functionality and solutions.

Payment Acceptance

Allows your organization to accept e-checks and major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) all via online, mobile solutions. is tailored for non-profit/for profit, private, political and religious organizations, to collect and disburse recurring and non-recurring donations, tithing and contributions funds. All payments can be secured by web or by phone, using credit/debit cards, and electronic checks through our payment gateway.

Donor Intelligence

Go Fund It makes it easy to track and manage unlimited fundraising and constituent data. You can readily access this information to guide fundraising efforts, process donations and create reports that help you plan future campaigns and marketing efforts.

Integrated Reporting

Sophisticated and flexible tools to assist with evaluating your results, allowing you to analyze results, discover trends, refine marketing efforts, and develop strategies to improve your fund raising efforts.

Types of Reports

  • Report Hyperlinks
  • Export Capabilities
  • Custom Report Writer
  • Side Bar Reporting

Donor Intelligence

Go Fund It can easily transform your transaction data into demographic, geographic, psychographic and economic attributes used to identify and understand your customers. Our easy-to-use tools and turnkey marketing solutions enable you to get more of your best customers and track the success of your efforts.

Gain a competitive edge:

  • Consult with Marketing and Campaign management experts
  • Identify your best customers and where to find them
  • Develop more effective marketing and advertising promotions
  • List of top customers with descriptions of their most relevant attributes
  • Dynamic reporting and trending analysis

Integrated Reporting

With real-time access to reporting data, you can connect Go Fund It with your existing reporting and accounting systems.

Available Reports:

  • Monthly Summary - download your account activity (charges, refunds, fees and disputes)
  • Balance History - individual activity in your account, including payments, refunds, and disputes. Every transaction contributing to your transfers is listed here making accounting over specific periods of times (like the entire month) as simple as accepting payments in the first place.
  • Account Data - We also provide an easy-to-use online reporting, providing detailed information about payments, customers, transfers, subscription plans and more.


Payment data security is of utmost importance in the credit card processing industry. Go Fund It’s fully secure and PCI compliant payment gateway ensures your donor’s sensitive payment information is protected. Go Fund It has validated compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). Go Fund It performed the PCI DSS validation for its solutions within the hosted environment. The PCI DSS security requirements are endorsed by the PCI Security Standards Council, founded by a consortium of major credit card brands including Visa Inc., MasterCard Worldwide, American Express, Discover Financial Services, and JCB, to enhance credit and debit card data security. Validated as a Level 1 Service Provider and Payment Gateway, Go Fund It had to demonstrate compliance with multiple security requirements by thoroughly reviewing its IT environment and information security policies and procedures. The Council also supports the PA DSS, a set of security requirements that apply to software vendors that develop payment applications that process, store or transmit cardholder data as part of authorization or settlement. Go Fund It has modified every application that processes, stores, transmits cardholder data to become PCI DSS and PA-DSS compliant. We have implemented PCI standards regarding secure storage of data, strong access control, and other requirements.